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New Advanced Superfood Blends

  • "Moringa fights stress, lowers blood pressure, boosts libido AND supports female farmers" - Moringa Powder

  • "turn your porridge, yoghurt and cakes into superfoods thanks to the benefits cacao brings to your blood circulation & immune system" - Super-Cacao Powder

  • "SMART BUY: Ideal for immune-boosting iron, gut-friendly calcium & skin-loving antioxidants" - Hibiscus Powder

  • "This powder will boost your metabolism, immune system & digestive health" - Baobab Powder

Healthier you, Healthier world.

Aduna means ‘life’ or ‘world’ in Wolof, the language of The Gambia & Senegal, where our superfood story began. It speaks to the connection between all living things; an expanded philosophy of wellbeing which we honour by combining superfood nutrition with sustainable sourcing.


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Advanced Superfood Blends

Expertly formulated with a leading nutritionist to boost everyday health whilst providing targeted support. They are packed with the planet’s most powerful superfoods.

Super-charged Superfoods

Our superfoods are some of the planet’s most nutrient-rich foods. For a daily health boost, stir our Powders into smoothies, juices and dishes. Enjoy Fonio Super-Grain in salads, soups, porridge or as a side dish!

Biodegradable Tea Pyramids

Aduna Super-Teas have been specially crafted using the highest quality active botanical ingredients, giving each tea a unique feel good benefit to help bring out your natural vitality. Try them hot or over ice.

Moringa: Greens On-the-go

From boosting your immune health to supporting energy release and improving skin health - Aduna Organic Moringa Capsules are a quick and easy way to get all the benefits of moringa with minimum effort.

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A positive impact

We are honoured to have partnered with the African Union on the epic and inspiring Great Green Wall, an African-led movement to grow and preserve an 8,000km wall of trees across the Sahel, one of the world's poorest regions and where our baobab supply chain is based. Baobab has a crucial role to play in the Great Green Wall - watch our video to find out more.


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