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Mayamiko: Empowering African Communities Through Ethical Fashion

We love supporting brands that have a similar ethos to Aduna, whether that be promoting the vibrancy of Africa, empowering women or creating a sustainable impact-focused business model. In the case of Mayamiko, the ethical fashion brand, it's all three! 

Established in 2013 by Paola Masperi, Mayamiko is a collection of clothing, accessories and gifts, ethically made in Malawi that fuse together contemporary design with traditional African techniques.

All the collections are produced in the Mayamiko Lab just outside Malawi's capital city, Lilongwe. The Lab was created to support disadvantaged women including those who are affected by HIV or who are carers of HIV orphans. By training the women in a variety of textile processes including pattern reading, cutting, sewing and tailoring, they are able to turn the women's creative talents into sustainable business activities.

Their fabrics are hand-picked from the local market in Lilongwe. What's more, all left over fabric is up-cycled and turned into accessories so nothing goes to waste! 

Each collection is a tribute to the vitality and vibrancy of Africa, featuring bright colours and vivid, bold patterns. 

Have a browse of their website and see which of their beautiful, ethical pieces suits your style.