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          The Natural Nomad: Lauren Dawson

          Natural Nomad Lauren Dawson

          Lauren is the British breakfast fanatic behind the Natural Nomad blog and Instagram account. A self-confessed açaí addict and serial traveller,she creates healthy vegan recipes suitable for everyone, and also writes about the positive impact of a plant-powered diet on the planet.

          We spoke to Lauren to find out a little more about her:

          Describe yourself in a sentence...A nature-loving happy herbivore who has been severely bitten by the travel bug.

          My love for food began...Twice. Once at a very young age, as my mum and nanna always cooked delicious meals from scratch and taught me how to bake the tastiest cakes and biscuits. I then fell in love with food a second time after a long period of struggling with a negative relationship with eating – I started to realise that food could be a powerful tool to build a healthy body from the inside, and wasn't just a bundle of calories to add weight to your stomach. Food is something to be loved and shared, not feared!

          My idea of food heaven is...An endless breakfast buffet, complete with lots of tropical fruit, every kind of breakfast cereal and - of course - a little chocolate!

          My Feel Good tips...Take time each day to pay attention to your body: be kind to it and it will be kind to you. If you want chocolate, eat chocolate. Never label food as “good” or “naughty” – it only leads to a bad mentality around eating. And never underestimate the power of spending time in nature – it really does lift your mood.

          I’m inspired by...People who strive to make a difference and aren’t afraid to challenge norms. I concern myself a lot with the impact of our food choices on the environment, so I really admire figures like Jane Goodall who are raising awareness of this issue, and others like David Attenborough who continue to inspire generations to protect our precious planet.

          Baobab, Moringa or Super-Cacao? Definitely Super-Cacao. It’s fantastic to be able to eat chocolate every day and know that it’s working wonders in my body as well as on my tastebuds – and Aduna’s blend is so smooth it’s impossible not to want more!

          Check out Lauren's Super-Cacao Banana Ice Cream recipe or her blog and Instagram for more healthy food inspiration. 

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