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          Happy Hormones for Life: Nicki Williams

          Nicki Williams - Happy Hormones for Life

          Nicki Williams is a registered Nutritional Therapist specialising in women’s health and hormones. She qualified from the renowned Institute of Optimum Nutrition, and is currently working on her forthcoming book ‘The Happy Hormone Code’. Her mission is to help women to kick start their metabolism to burn fat, gain energy and balance out their hormones.

          We caught up with Nicki to find out a little more about her:

          Describe yourself in a sentence…a nutritionist and foodie, mum and business owner, passionate about helping women to be the best they can. Far from perfect - I love my coffee, chocolate and red wine...!

          My love for food began…around 4 years old when I started licking the bowl after my mum had made chocolate cake! Food choices took a dip during my 20’s, but since 40 I am constantly discovering new healthy foods that taste amazing.

          My idea of food heaven is…chocolate! These days it would be the very darkest chocolate with a handful of brazil nuts.

          My Feel Good tips…Mood and energy follow blood sugar, so eating low GL foods and avoiding refined carbs and sugar are the most important things for me. Blood sugar and resulting insulin surges can really mess with hormone balance and cause all sorts of problems, especially as we get older.

          I’m inspired by… brave doctors and health professionals who speak out against injustice, risking their reputations to help people.

          Baobab, Moringa or Super-Cacao? All, but moringa for its amazing amount of nutrients!


          You can find out more about Nicki and Happy Hormones for Life on her website.

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