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Charley's Health: Charlotte Roberts

Charlotte Hélena is a lover of all things health and fitness related and author of the blog Charley's Health where she shares her passion for healthy living and an abundance of vibrant, healthy recipes. 

We caught up with Charlotte to find out a bit more about her, her motivations and inspiration:

Describe yourself in a sentence...I’m a big lover of fitness and healthy food and am usually doing something that involves one of the two.. or both! 
My love for food began...probably from a young age when I learnt to cook and bake at home as a child. I then fell in love with cooking when I started to want to eat healthier to benefit my performance in the gym and found so much enjoyment in creating different recipes. 
My idea of food heaven...would either have to be a really good homemade coconut curry or a raw caramel shortbread; my ultimate favourite sweet treat! 
My Feel Good advice...would definitely be to start the day with a cup of warm lemon water. I’ve only recently started doing this and it has really helped with my digestion and leaves me feeling refreshed to start a new day. Another must for me is exercise. It doesn’t matter what - as long as I'm getting outside and moving around; it makes such a dramatic difference to the way I feel and my energy levels. 
I am inspired by...I find inspiration in so many different places, but I love looking at photos in magazines, blogs and of course Pinterest and Instagram. There are so many beautiful food photos out there now! I also get a lot of my inspiration from looking at slightly less healthy food options and thinking about how I could re-create them in a more nutritional way. I now find that I actually prefer most of these to the "real thing"; I don’t think I could eat ordinary chocolate again after having raw cacao chocolate, it’s so so so delicious!


Baobab, Moringa or Super-Cacao? Cacao, definitely cacao! I love all the Aduna products, but I’m slightly obsessed with anything including cacao or raw chocolate, so that’s a no brainer for me! 

Check out Charley's Raw Raspberry Cream Filled Cacao Cookies or her blog and Instagram for more healthy food inspiration.