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          Papaya Sunshine: Marie Nichols

          We're a big fan of Instagram Queen Papaya Sunshine (aka Marie Nichols) and her delicious health food creations, so when she posted an Aduna Moringa Porridge & Smoothie Bowl we just had to share it with our fellow Feel Good Tribers! Like true Tribers on a mission, we managed to squeeze ourselves into her busy schedule to ask the passionate, loving and health driven foodie a few questions.

          My love for healthy food began... at a young age. I remember being one of the only kids in my school taking fruit and nuts in my packed lunch! I'm not really sure where it came from but I always knew I wanted to eat healthy and exercise to look after my body and feel good. I've never taken my body forgranted and I believe it is a gift and I want to look after it as best I can.  

          My idea of food heaven is... a room filled with fresh fruit! It's my most favourite food on earth and just thinking about it makes me happy! The colours and flavours are so beautiful and I love to use these to create delicious food ideas. 

          My feel good tips... to make you feel amazing are:

          1. Eat foods as close to their natural state as possible. Foods of the earth that have not been messed with.

          2. Keep active! But always in a way that's enjoyable. I have been working out since I was a young teenager and it always makes me feel alive and energised! 

          3. Laugh!! I love to laugh out loud and feel happy so always make time for the things in life that make you happy. Family, friends, animals, nature and food are amongst some of the things that make me happy.

          Baobab or Moringa? 

          For me it's hands down baobab but only because I'm a girl who loves her fruit smoothies. Baobab is something I use everyday and I love how it makes me feel. The taste is lovely to. 

          Check out Marie's Instagram page papaya_sunshine to get your daily fix of her beautiful tasty recipes!  

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