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          Barefoot Coconut: Rebecca Hughes

          Ever since we met the fabulously talented Rebecca on Twitter, our mornings have been transformed as we ion tenterhooks to see her tempting baobab and moringa creations. 

          Rebecca is a personal trainer, a big foodie, soon to be Precision Nutrition Coach, a BioSignature Practitioner, owner of Barefoot Coconut and creator of a new nutrition programme: One Step Nutrition. Somehow she also finds time to walk her 'furry child' (that's her dog by the way) - the modern day superwoman! You can imagine our excitement when she agreed to spare a few minutes to answer our questions. Here's what she had to say...
          Describe yourself in a sentence... I'm Rebecca Hughes, a health coach helping people with food, fitness and fat loss. I own Barefoot Coconut which is all about making sense of it all in this ever confusing world with a simple approach. My philosophy is take one step at a time and you will begin to achieve the success you desire!
          My love for food began... Instantly! I have always been a food lover, it is completely ingrained from childhood. I have grown up with a taste for good food due to a dad with an adventurous flair for cooking, a mum with simple home cooking and a grandma who specialised in incredible home cooked traditional feasts. I have always enjoyed watching family cook food, sample a taster and enjoy a good meal shared around the table. This love has continued throughout my life and I enjoy making good food, seeking amazing ingredients and creating food for loved ones.
          My idea of food heaven is... A mighty breakfast bowl! I love all meals but there is something about breakfast that I get ridiculously excited about. That first meal of the day is almost a celebration and I love to add a variety of incredible foods for taste, health and fitness goals. 
          My Feel Good tips...
          1. Taste - The food you eat should taste amazing. This does not mean you have to cook up a mighty a la carte feast; simple foods can taste incredible. It just takes a little understanding and creativity at first. 
          2. Goal Focused - The food you eat should be focused on your goals. It should be helping you to get on track and achieve your goals. Eat food that links in with the results you want. 
          3. Happiness of Mind, Body & Belly - Food should make your body feel good which includes energy, sleep, recovery from training, functionality and generally feeling fantastic. Food should make your mind feel good which includes being satisfied, enjoying the food, tasting good, helping concentration, mood and a positive outlook. Food should make your belly feel good which includes enjoyment, satisfaction, digestion, elimination, no bloating, no upset stomach, no pain, no negative affects whatsoever!
          I’m inspired by...  My elders as they have helped to shape my understanding of food, positivity and life. Like-minded businesses constantly inspire me as it helps to show that others simply understand the power of great food!
          Baobab or moringa? Baobab. I simply adore this feel good fruit as it is a perfect addition to my mighty breakfast bowls. Plus, the baobab energy bars are total heaven. 

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