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Looking for a creative fitness studio in an inspiring environment? Then look no further! Good Vibes is more than just a fitness studio; it is a space that is filled with energy and positivity. With classes intended to increase your happiness whilst making you feel and look fitter, a Good Vibes work out is the perfect way to feel good from head to toe!

Good Vibes features “Glow Yoga”, a dynamic vinyasa flow in their studio heated with infra-red heat panels.  A Glow Yoga class is different to a typical hot yoga class in that you’ll feel the warmth from the inside, but not extreme heat and sweating.  After a Glow Yoga session you'll feel energised, not exhausted.

Not in the mood for yoga?  Good Vibes also offers Pilates, Power Plates and Spinning (Fitrovia location only).  All the instructors are trained to offer modifications for injuries and alternatives to traditional sequences.  The class sizes are small so you can receive individual attention and develop your practice at your own pace.   There’s a challenge for everyone, from the complete beginner to the seasoned pro.   

Looking to deepen your practice?  There are workshops where you can focus on headstands, arm balances, or meditation.  We especially love the Friday Night Yoga Parties, where we can kick off the weekend with a Friday evening yoga class set to funky music and a glass of bubbles and strawberries afterwards.  

One of the ways Good Vibes create such a vibrant atmosphere is to make sure the surroundings are completely relaxing.  Unlike any other gyms you may be used to, Good Vibes studios ensures to ‘maximise the benefits for your mind and body’. It has a warm, sensual theme with splashes of orange and wooden panels- perfect to wind down and relax the mind.

First time members can now take advantage of Good Vibe’s special offer: unlimited classes for 30 days for only £40.

For those looking to start the new year with a refreshed mind, body and soul  Good Vibes are now running a Pilates and restorative yoga retreat at the end of January. A balanced weekend of challenging Pilates and restorative yoga to calm the emotions and mind creating the perfect environment for a happy body.  You’ll enjoy delicious alkaline food which is dairy, wheat and sugar free, you’ll come back glowing and full of #GoodVibes. A great kick start to the New Year.

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Top tips for keeping well

Nahid de Belgeonne is the Founder and Director of Good Vibes. Here are two of her top tips for keeping well head to toe this winter.

1. Boost your immune system

When the months get darker, our energies take a slump so rather than keeping up your summer regime, introduce a little rest into your weekly routine to replenish, restore and recharge.

2. First thing in the morning:

Tapping: Make a fist and softly tap 20 times on the breastbone – this is said to stimulate the thymus gland and chi in general.

Why? The thymus gland is linked to the immune system and is situated behind the sternum, it serves a vital role in the development of T-cells, a type of white blood cell. T-cells defend the body from bacteria and viruses.


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