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          Food Recipes HQ: Daniela Diamare

          Describe yourself in a sentence...
          I am a scientist in the field of Photonics and a vegetarian food blogger a I make experiments both in the kitchen an in the lab. 
          My love for food began...
          In my hometown in Italy, when as a kid I used to admire my father making its delicious pizza dough with incredible care and passion. The smell emitted from the oven of tomato sauce cooking with garlic and olive oil is something I will never forget.  
          My idea of food heaven is...
          Fresh cherry tomatoes on crusty and toasted sourdough bread seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of salt and pepper. A vegetarian lasagna with roasted aubergine, courgette, ricotta and pine nuts is also able to make me happy. More in general, I enjoy recipes that celebrate the freshness of food and enhance the taste of a few high quality ingredients. 
          My Feel Good tips...
          Drink a lot. During the day I drink matcha, several cups of assam tea with a squeeze of lemon and, above all, water, the only beauty treatment I believe in. If I wasn't extremely lazy, I would associate a moderate amount of physical activity to my Mediterranean diet. Let's just say that, at the moment, my laziness is something I'm working on it.      
          I’m inspired by... 
          Positive thinking, enthusiasm and innovation.  
          Baobab or moringa?
          Baobab, maybe. I found its fruity taste to be very versatile, a perfect addition to smoothies, ice-creams, drinks and even cakes! 

          Take a look at Daniela's delicious recipe for a  Baobab Pinacolada Smoothie

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