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          Aduna Feel Good Cocktails

          Gone are the days of the standard cocktail. This year, it’s all about the superfood-packed festive high. Delicious cocktails full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. We've teamed up with raw food restaurant and superfood cocktail bar Tanya’s Café in Chelsea, to create a new generation of cocktails using our vibrant African super-ingredients. The perfect way to boost your health and beauty from within whilst enjoying a festive drink.

          Tanya Maher, founder of Tanya's Cafe, raw food specialist & professional wellness expert tells us why superfood cocktails make sense. “As a nutritionist and wellness coach, I always look for ways my clients can achieve balance in their lives. If you take antibiotics, it's imperative to take probiotics to offset the side effects. If you eat too many acid forming foods, it's vital to have lots of alkalising juice to bring up your pH levels. If you drink coffee, which is dehydrating, it's always a good idea to make up for it by drinking plenty of water or coconut water, that's full of electrolytes. If you enjoy a naughty drink once in a while, add superfoods to it which are well researched promoters of longevity and vitality. Then you can have two drinks, you know, for the balance!”

          Green Moringa Miracle


          1/3 tsp Aduna Moringa Superleaf Powder
          50ml Coarunn Gin
          25ml lime juice
          1/4 apple
          4 basil leaves
          4 drops Bobs Bitter grapefruit


          Add all ingredients to a shaker & shake hard. Fine strain over cubed ice into a short glass, garnish with sliced apple & basil.

          Baobab Feel Good Frenchy (French Martini twist)


          50ml Sacred vodka
          3 mulberries
          3 blueberries
          2 tsp Aduna Baobab Superfruit Powder
          1 tsp nutmeg
          50 ml cold pressed pineapple
          20 ml lime juice
          20 ml agave syrup


          Chill coupet glass with cubed/crushed ice; add all ingredients to a shaker & shake well. Remove ice and fine strain into glass. Garnish with dehydrated rose petals.

          Recipes created by Tanya's Cafe

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