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          Paris By Vegan: Noémie Cazier

          Based in Paris and inspired by healthy living, Noémie is a true food lover. She creates delicious and intricate dishes, like her Spinach & Moringa Soup  which always leave us hungry! So, we jumped at the chance to chat to Noémie and feature her in our newsletter.  

          Describe yourself in a sentence… 
          My name is Noémie, I'm French and I try to live a healthy, happy life in Paris.

          My love for food began… 
          It's always been there, but I started things seriously when I was a teenager, learning myself how to eat healthy with pleasure, for both the eye and palate.

          My idea of food heaven is… 
          Colourful, fresh, energetic and vibrant food is always what I aim for. Food for the eye and for your body!

          My Feel Good tips…
          Breathe, inspire yourself and be your own inspiration, do yoga, and relax.

          I’m inspired by…  
          Tons of things!!! Art, nature, books.. my eyes are always peeled for a good inspiration and I find it anywhere.

          Baobab or moringa?
          Both! Baobab is really good for nutrition, and moringa is the best superfood I've used so far.

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