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          East Coast Health: Madeleine Pasquariello


          Feel Good Triber Maddie is always creating delicious recipes that show her passion for food and healthy living. Including her incredible Peanut Butter & Jam Sandwich with Baobab Jam, that left us drooling at our screens!  Read on to find out about more about Maddie and her journey with food: 

          Describe yourself in a sentence...I am a college student in the United States, studying Psychology, with a passionate interest in living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that promotes whole, plant-based food.

          My love for food began... At an early age, when my mom would prepare a home-cooked meal every night for our family, always featuring lots of veggies! She still does this whenever I'm home, and now I can fully appreciate how much work and love goes into cooking for other people.

          My idea of food heaven is... A fresh, outdoor food market. You can't beat it! I could (and frequently do) spend hours at markets looking at produce, learning about where it comes from, and planning my meals.

          My Feel Good tips...Get enough sleep, drink water with lemon throughout the day, and eat lots of fruit and veggies. These three things alone have an immense power to improve your energy and health. 

          I’m inspired by... People who are as passionate as I am about educating others, sharing knowledge, and learning. This goes for any discipline, but for me it is especially true when it comes to food. I'm constantly inspired by my favorite food bloggers, and also by people who are genuinely interested in improving their lives through the food they eat. I'm also heavily inspired by travel and visiting new places with different cuisines than I'm used to. It's always fascinating to expand your horizons like that.

          Baobab or moringa? So far, baobab! It has the most amazing, fruity flavour and has so many health benefits. But moringa would be a very close second. I'm super excited to include it in some green smoothie bowls this summer.

          Head over to Maddie's blog or follow her on Instagram @eastcoasthealth to see all of her incredible creations!

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