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Under the Baobab Tree with:
Deliciously Ella

We've always been huge fans of the fabulously talented Ella Woodward, the British health food blogger you are more likely to know as Deliciously Ella. We were super-excited to catch up with Ella on the eve of her long-awaited book launch, to find out more about her wellbeing essentials, top tips for feeling great and her favourite recipes. 

Ella's journey towards healthy eating began after being diagnosed with a relatively rare illness, Postural Tachycardia Syndrome. Ella decided to cut out meat, sugar, dairy and anything processed from her diet, starting a plant-based diet full of healthy and nutritious foods. This change had amazing effects on her health and inspired her to start her award-winning blog. Since its success, Ella has gone on to create a health food app and her most recent venture of launching her first cook book.

Find out what she had to say...

When did you discover your talent for healthy cooking?

I found it a few years ago when I started to heal a chronic illness though food. I started experimenting with plant based ingredients and really enjoyed it! I’d never really cooked much before but once I started playing around in the kitchen I fell really in love with cooking and haven’t looked back! 

Who or what inspires you?

There’s not really one particular thing that inspires me, I get inspiration from everything around me. I love looking through sites like Food Gawker and Taste Spotting for beautiful food photos and I read so many blogs!

You’ve created so many delicious recipes. Which are your favourites?

I love so many of them! I’ve become really obsessed with the Thai coconut curry in my book, it’s full of ginger, chilli, coriander, chickpeas, aubergine and squash in a creamy sauce – so good! I also love my sweet potato brownies, they’re my favourite sweet.

What are your top tips to Feel Good every day?

I think the most important thing is always to listen to your body. Trying to get a good seven to eight hours sleep does wonders; as does some daily movement whether it’s walking, yoga or a sweaty workout it should really boost your mood. Of course food then plays a huge part too, so eat things that make you feel best and try to include a rainbow of goodness in every meal.

What are your kitchen essentials?

There are two pieces of equipment that I can’t live without – my blender and my food processor. I use my blender to make soups and smoothies and my processor to make homemade hummus, pesto, raw desserts, energy balls etc. They make plant based eating so delicious! I also keep my kitchen stocked with lots of dry ingredients, so there are always jars of rice and quinoa, tins of beans and chickpeas and condiments like almond butter, tahini, great olive oil, miso and tamari in my cupboards – plus a great array of herbs and spices.

What do you to keep active?

I try to do a mix of different things to keep exercise fun. Most weeks I go spinning, boxing and do a HIIT session and then on the other days I try to do some yoga at home. I find that getting some kind of exercise in every day does wonders for keeping me happy.

What do you have for breakfast?

It changes but I normally have either a smoothie with banana, spinach, berries and almond butter; a bowl of porridge with almond milk, raw honey and lots of toppings or a piece of brown rice toast with mashed avocado. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day so I always make sure I eat something delicious.

Where are your favourite places to eat?

In London I absolutely love Nama and Juice Baby, they’re my two favorites. They both make the most delicious food! I’m obsessed with the kale salad, veggie sushi and blueberry cheesecake at Nama and at Juice Baby I love their almond milk, immune boosting juice and all their raw desserts – the caramel chocolate slice is just incredible! Mildreds is also really great, it also feels a little more mainstream so it’s a great place to go with a friend who isn’t as into healthy eating.

Baobab or moringa?

Baobab, I love the taste of it! I always put it in my smoothie if I’m feeling run down, it’s the best pick me up!

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