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          Ania's Vibrant Kitchen

          Since being diagnosed with PCOS 6 years ago, Ania has been on an inspiring journey to a healthier lifestyle. Her delicious and tempting recipes prove you can be healthy and enjoy good food! Our favourite is her Baobab & Vanilla Chocolates, they are amazing and simple to make! We got in touch with Ania to find out more about her love for food...

          Describe yourself in a sentence...
          I am passionate foodie, designing new recipes. Love to experiment with food as well as studying to became a Health Coach.

          My love for food began...
          Since I was a child. I always admired my mum making amazing food with love. I adore my Mum for who she is and how much I have learned over the years from her, she is an amazing person and an amazing cook. She triggered the passion for food in me.

          My idea of food heaven is...
          Lots of red cherries and freshly picked strawberries... well lots of fruits I would say, I love fruits.

          My Feel Good tips...
          Have a good relationship with yourself, be spiritual, be active, smile, love and be happy

          I’m inspired by...
          I am inspired by anything beautiful, and the love people having for each other.

          Baobab or moringa?
          Baobab for now as I only began my relationship with moringa.

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