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Big Tree Farms Coconut Palm Sugar

Move over refined sugar, there's a new sweetener in town and it goes by the name of coconut sugar! It's healthier, more nutritious and tastes just as good as the processed cane variety.

Big Tree Farms' coconut sugar is unrefined, organic, gluten-free and high in nutrients. It also has a low GI (35 glycemic index), compared to other sweeteners such as agave (42 GI), honey (55 GI) and cane sugar (68 GI), therefore it helps to maintain lower blood sugar and insulin levels. Coconut Palm Sugar Blonde is also a source of calcium, iron and potassium. U.S. health guru Dr. Oz considers it to be "the best alternative to cane sugar"on the market.

And its taste? Surprisingly it tastes nothing like coconut! Instead it is similar in taste and colour to brown sugar with a caramel twist. Perfect for baking, stirring into your beverages and most importantly, satisfying those cravings.

If that isn't enough, Big Tree Farms are more than just a brand that sells delicious goodness. Like us, they are committed to making a social impact by helping their farmer partners build sustainable livelihoods. 

Why not try mixing Big Tree Farm's coconut sugar with some #baobablove to make some delicious healthy chocolates this Easter weekend? Here's an Easter chocolate recipe by Feel Good Triber Ania (aka. My Fat Me)


If you're impressed as much as we were with her creations and want to give it a try, enter our competition to win some Big Tree Farm & Aduna goodies with some special extras to get you started on the path to Master Chocolatier. Just e-mail and tell us how many Easter eggs you can find on our newsletter.  Happy Easter! 

Competition is now closed. 

For more information on Big Tree Farms and their coconut sugar, click here