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          Love Health Love Self: Mhairi Mackellar

          Aduna Feel Good Triber Mhairi Mackellar hasn't always been into healthy eating, but after completing a nutrition course at the College of Naturopathic Medicine her whole perspective changed. She now understands the importance of nutritious, plant-based ingredients and how to use them in her cooking. After recently launching her own website, Mhairi hopes to share her recipe creations, and blog about her journey with healthy food. With recipes like her supercake we're sure she'll be a top food blogger in no time! Read on to find out more about Mhairi's relationship with food: 

          Describe yourself in a sentence... I'm a healthy recipe developer, obsessed with nutrition that looks and tastes good. 

          My love for food began… I have been planning my next meal for as long as I can remember but I haven’t always had a healthy relationship with food. I began to explore and cook new foods and I fell in love with a new way of eating. Nowadays, I eat a wholefood diet and follow the 80:20 rule, enjoying a balance so I never feel guilty about anything I eat. 

          My idea of food heaven is…being surrounded by good food and good people. Laughing, having fun and enjoying eating beautifully prepared food. 

          My Feel Good tips…eat real food, move your body, stay hydrated and never underestimate the power of sleep. We need to repair our bodies every night and these are all essential for a healthy body and mind. 

          I’m inspired by…I don’t think there is one thing in particular. I find inspiration in people who make positive changes for themselves as well as my fiancé and Instagram! They all inspire me on a daily basis. 

          Baobab or moringa? Oh it’s tough because I use them both in different ways and they are both incredible. But probably baobab because of it’s oh so sweet taste.  

          Check out Mhairi's new website for lots of delicious & healthy recipes. 

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