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          Natalia Nekrasova


          Here at Aduna Towers, we are big fans of Natalia Nekrasova's delicious recipes. If like us, you have a sweet tooth, check out her Instagram for some healthy inspirations. One of our favourites is her Baobab & Berries Chia Pudding, trust us when we say it definitely hits the spot! We got in touch with the very talented and inspiring Natalia, to learn more about her passion for food. 

          Describe yourself in a sentence... 

          I am a positive thinking person, who wants to help people become healthier and happier. 

          My love for food began... 

          Since I was a child, I always loved food, especially sweets - I've got a very sweet tooth. But my stomach was often bloated and my skin saw better days. So not long ago I decided to start eating healthy and creating healthy desserts as I was still craving sweets quite a lot. And I absolutely loved them! 

          My idea of food heaven is...

          A world full of organic colourful fruit and vegetables full of vitamins and minerals, which is very rare these days. 

          My Feel Good tips...

          Eat healthy foods and lots of fruit and vegetables. Drink plenty of water. Try to exercise 2-3 times a week.

          I’m inspired by...

          My mum, my partner and my best friends who are all the best cooks ever! I'm also inspired by all the beautiful things surrounding me.  

          Baobab or moringa? 

          For me it's definitely baobab. I actually eat it as it is with a spoon sometimes. You may think it's weird eating powder without adding it to any food or drink, but I really like its taste. Having said that, I use moringa quite a lot too, especially with my freshly squeezed juices and smoothies. 

          Check out Natalia's delicious Baobab & Berries Chia Pudding, a great way to enjoy the #baobablove for breakfast or dessert! 


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