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          Glowing bride Camilla Casey on why Baobab is the perfect wedding superfood

          Bride to be Camilla Casey, 38, had never tried superfoods before, but with her wedding approaching she decided increasing the amount of vitamins and minerals in her diet would be vital to help her stay calm and look as good as possible for her big day. After finding baobab, Camilla was amazed with how much extra energy she had, her skin started to glow and she started a journey into a healthier lifestyle.

          We asked Camilla to share with us how she got the baobab glow for her wedding day:

          What health and beauty benefits were you looking for when you decided to take superfoods in the run up to your wedding?

          Like all brides to be, I wanted to start married life on the best possible footing and I thought the best way to do this was to ensure I had plenty of energy for our big day and to make sure my body was feeling and looking as good as I could get it.  I was hoping that by taking superfoods I could truly glow from the inside out. Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life so I wanted to be the best version of me I possibly could!

          Why did you decide on baobab?

          Baobab was my first introduction to the superfood world.  I stumbled across the Aduna website whilst searching for foods containing vitamin C. As I only had four months leading up to my wedding, I knew I would have to cram a lot in, and was worried about getting ill or run down. I knew upping my vitamin C levels would give me a strong immune system and the energy I needed to survive the pre-wedding madness. I was immediately amazed by the wonders of baobab... I couldn’t believe how much vitamin C it contained! The fact it also has the highest antioxidant content of any fruit was very appealing to help boost my skin health. 

          How did you take it and how long for?

          I discovered baobab 2 months before my wedding and started having it every day for breakfast. Due to its citrussy, sweet taste, I found baobab very easy to incorporate into my daily routine. My favourite way to take it was blitzed in a smoothie with banana, oats, fresh berries, apples, dates and coconut water. Such a yummy way to start the day! I also found that after having a baobab smoothie I no longer need a morning coffee to get me through the day (an unexpected and welcome surprise). When I didn’t have time to make a smoothie I would simply sprinkle it on my banana toast - a quick and easy way to make sure I got my daily dose!

          What benefits did you notice and how long did it take for them to kick in?

          The first difference I noticed was a dramatic difference in my energy levels- within days I felt more alert and alive; ready to be productive with wedding planning. It was also remarkable what a difference baobab made to my skin, I was truly glowing! I was constantly getting compliments from friends and family about how great my skin looked, particularly on the big day. Another benefit from all that vitamin C! Not only did baobab make a huge difference to me looking and feeling better but it also prompted me to be healthier generally – by having the superfruit in my breakfast I started my day on a healthy note and tried to maintain this throughout the rest of the day.

          How was your wedding?

          The wedding was amazing! It was held at St Mary's Church in Funtington in West Sussex, and the wedding reception was in a beautiful little barn in Farbridge. There were 120 guests in total, but it still had a very personal feel to it. This was mainly due to the fact that so many of my family got involved- my bridemaids were my sister & sister in law and the best men was my husband’s brother. I loved having all my family around me celebrating the day. I would say the best way to describe it was very family orientated but also very funky (our first song was Pharrell Williams and Daft Punk ‘Get Lucky’).  Everyone said it was very memorable – apparently I’ve set the bar for the rest of my family!

          Any tips for brides to be?

          • Enjoy every minute! It will be one of the most exciting days of your life.
          • Take time to step back and just have some fun, particularly during the lead up - it doesn’t have to be stressful. 
          • Be an absolute princess. It’s one of the only times you can be, so milk it for all it’s worth!
          • Try and not get involved with any politics that happen on the day.
          • Don’t fret about little hiccups, even if something small happens - my father forgot his trousers so had to wear the photographers & my brother introduced us by my maiden name by accident! - it will flow on the day.

          And all that baobab may have had additional benefits... as I conceived within one week of the wedding and we now have a beautiful baby boy!

          Camilla is currently working part-time for a film production company. Whilst also setting up a new business venture called, 'Love Letters London'. The perfect gift for newborns, birthdays and christenings. 

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