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Introducing The Aduna Moringa Miracle Bar!

If you're a fan of our moringa, you're going to love our new Moringa Superleaf Raw Energy bars!

A delicious superfood snack, made from 100% organic raw fruit and nuts, super-charged with a full teaspoon of Aduna Moringa Powder. The bar is a source of protein and an easy way to up your greens intake on-the-go.

The Miracle Bar combines deliciously sweet mangoes with protein-packed cashews, fiery ginger and super-green moringa, cold pressed to create a healthy snack that contains no preservatives, additives, gluten, diary, wheat or refined sugar.

Eve Kalinik, Nutritional Therapist comments:

"Innovative and nutritious, this bar gets its very unique and potent ingredient from the moringa leaf in a more concentrated bio-available hit. Like other greens, moringa is an excellent source of iron for sustained energy, vitamin A that helps give glowing radiant skin and both vitamin K and calcium that contribute to healthy bones. As it’s a source of protein, its perfect for a pre or post work out snack or if you want a delicious, convenient way to up your greens day to day”.

For information about the nutritional values of our bar, click here.

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