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Creamy Cashews From Burkina Faso

Here at Aduna, we are passionate about supporting small-scale producers to create sustainable livelihoods in rural Africa. From our superfood powders to the many ingredients in our raw energy bars, where possible we aim to ensure that each product is doing as much good as possible.

The creamy cashews in our Moringa Raw Energy Bars are sourced from Gebana Afrique, a Fair Trade company, that works with seventeen different rural cooperatives and associations in Burkina Faso, West Africa. With over 400 employees and 1,200 farmers, thousands of tonnes of cashews are processed every year - mainly by women.

Additionally, the entire community benefits from the Fairtrade social premium; previously, co-operatives have used this premium to finance: new water sources, adult literacy, bicycles and cereal banks.

The advantages of organic cultivation, pre-financing, purchase guarantees and avoidance of intermediary trade is vital to Burkina Faso as it is one of the poorest countries in the world.

The creamy and delicious cashew nuts taste great with the earthy, green taste of our moringa. Buy our Raw energy bars here


Photo credit: Fullwell Mill