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Tahlia Kotevski

Aduna Feel Good Triber Tahlia Kotevski is a top food blogger who has a passion for plant based food & healthy living. Her Instagram feed is full of vibrant looking smoothies, fresh fruit and yummy breakfast ideas - including her winning recipe for these delicious Baobab & Banana Pancakes. We caught up with Tahlia to find out more about her love for food, and the all important question - baobab or moringa?

Describe yourself in a sentence... I absolutely love life, love to travel and above all love animals and that's why I've been a vegetarian for the past 6 years.

My love for food began... I've always been into clean, wholesome and fresh food due to my mum living that lifestyle for the past 30 years so I guess it's something that I've never really thought about, I've just accepted it and enjoy it to the maximum.

My idea of food heaven is... Summer fruit, I absolutely love it and crave it all the time, especially watermelon and mangoes. I think I could just about live on them lol.

My Feel Good tips... Get up early so you always have time for breakfast, try and have a positive attitude everyday, eat clean and natural food, drink plenty of water and go for a daily walk, even if it's only for 15 minutes you will feel better about yourself.

Baobab or moringa? I actually love both and have been having Baobab in everything from pancakes to smoothies but I will probably go with Moringa as I absolutely love the taste and colour it gives my smoothies every morning.

You can get the recipe for Tahlia's baobalicious pancakes here, or head over to her Instagram to see more of her creative recipe creations.