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Discover the Colourful World of Vlisco


The beautiful Africa-inspired fashion textile brand Vlisco has long been a source of inspiration to Aduna and was actually one of the main influences of our creative identity. Their premium wax prints exude the vibrancy, colour and energy of Africa and are an essential part of every day life across the continent. Founded in Holland, the Vlisco Group consists of four different fashion textile brands: Vlisco, Woodin, Uniwax and UTP. Vlisco being the premium brand. We love their unique Wax Hollandais fabrics (Dutch Wax), each one with it's own iconic pattern and colour range. Shop the range now - they have 25% off until Saturday!

We were honoured to have the full backing of Vlisco for our Pitch to Rich campaign. They blogged about our Make Baobab Famous campaign on their website, shared posts with their 1 million Facebook followers, 17,000 Instagram followers and 5,000 Twitter followers - people who are passionate about the progression and developments of Africa. Without Vlisco's passion and support we may never have reached the finals and pitched live to Richard Branson. 

Here's what Vlisco had to say about our partnership:

‘Bringing Africa to the world’ Vlisco Group and Aduna live it! 

Soulmates, likeminded, or is it equalminded? Words can’t really describe the relationship between fashion- and design company Vlisco Group and Aduna: we just live the same mission. 

Therefore Vlisco Group not only supports Aduna’s mission, #MakingBaobabFamous mission, they share the mindset behind it. Vlisco Group facilitates the African fashion industry, catalyzes it, and considers it as a source of inspiration to the rest of the world. By supporting the #MakeBaobabFamous campaign via the Vlisco Facebook page Vlisco unlocked the rich cultural heritage among Africans about the Baobab fruit. The tremendous amount of comments from Africa on Facebook inspired and engaged the rest of the world. And there Vlisco Group and Aduna find each other on their ongoing mission to transform perceptions of the African continent and realizing impact in local communities. Bringing Africa to the world, inspired by Africa, committed to Africa, catalysing African pride.

Here are some interesting comments on Vlisco's Facebook page from baobab lovers around Africa who supported our campaign: 

“It is true it’s not a recognised fruit , so even the locals in Mwingi cannot make a living out of it given it’s largely available in the larger Mwingi area. The community's larger population is extremely poor. They could largely benefit from this initiative” – Jessica K. Munuve

“Plant a baobab tree today and you will be preserving life” – Pius Oshoture

“We have lots of Boabab in my village in the Borno state. We eat the leaves as ‘Miyan Kuka’ soup and we like the fruit which is good source of Vitamin C. I have given some to my Igbo friends to taste it and they love it!” – Mary Ndirpaya

“We honour Baobab in my locality, Nigeria. It is famous and usually used in fortifying milk” – Rabiu Dahiry Gumel

“The discovery of Baobob as a so-called ‘superfood’ has already created fast growing opportunities for African agricultural and export. It is down to us as consumers to support the stakeholders with the highest ethics” – Alexis Randolph

“This is great and looking forward to seeing happier people here in The Gambia because of what you are doing” – George Riegg

"Ohhh my God!! I miss this fruit, I used to climb on the trees when I was little. Soo yummy, wish to have it again”- Maria Anthony

“At the moment I have the trees at my farm, in my home. No part of it is useless, I used the fruit as soft drink when diluted with some ingredients. It’s very tasty indeed. I am from Bage Village of Funakaye Iga in Gombe State, Nigeria.”- Hassan Hashim

If you'd like to find out more about the African-inspired premium brand and browse through vibrant wax prints, visit the Vlisco website. Or see more of the wonderful comments on our Make Baobab Famous campaign & keep up to date with Vlisco news and events on their Facebook page. 

Photography credit: Vlisco collection ‘Nouvelle Histoire’ (2011). Vlisco Netherlands B.V.