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Spoonie Sophia: Sophia Galpin

Since becoming ill with chronic Lyme disease 18 months ago, Sophia has adopted a mostly plant-based diet and cut out dairy, gluten and refined sugar to give her body the best chance at getting better. She writes a blog, Spoonie Sophia, where she shares her story and thoughts on coping and managing illness, as well as her passion for creating delicious healthy recipes.

We caught up with Sophia to find out more about her:

Describe yourself in a sentence... creative, passionate and a lover of the small things in life. 

My love for food began...when I became ill 18 months ago with Lyme Disease and changed to a mostly plant-based diet. 

My idea of food heaven is...a piece of raw cheesecake with coconut cream, oh and a big tub of cashew butter! 

My Feel Good tips...avoid processed foods, eat good fats and an abundance of fruit and veg, drink lots of water and just feed your body what it really needs!

I’m inspired by...lots of other health and food bloggers who make healthy eating so exciting! I'm also hugely inspired by my amazing Mum who is the most determined, strong-willed person you will ever meet! 

Baobab or moringa? Baobab definitely - It's so fruity and zingy!

You can follow Sophia's journey and see more of her tasty recipes on her blog and Instagram.