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4 Alternative Ways to Enjoy Aduna Energy Bars

4 Alternative Ways To Enjoy Aduna Energy Bars

Our delicious cold-pressed raw energy bars have many talents! As well as being a healthy on-the-go snack, they are also seriously tasty when incorporated into recipes. 

With both sweet and savoury options, check out our favourite recipes below - all super-charged with our Baobab, Moringa or Cacao energy bars! 

Ice Cream Mix-In

Cacao Bar Ice Cream Topping

Introducing our very own 'Chunky Monkey' - but with a healthy twist! Banana and chocolate are a match made in heaven and now you can create your very own chewy choc chips using our cacao bar. With a smooth, creamy texture and super-charged with our baobab for an extra dose of nutrients, this is one of our favourite healthy treats to whip up. 

Breakfast Bowl Topper

Aduna Baobab Bar Porridge ToppingImage credit: @eatnourishlove

Everyone loves a breakfast bowl topper and our energy bars are no exception. Whether you're having porridge, cereal, yogurt or chia puddings, try topping with our raw baobab bar for an extra dose of fruity and chewy deliciousness! 

Smoothie Decoration

Cacao Bar Smoothie Bowl ToppingImage credit: @earthlytaste

A smoothie bowl just wouldn't be the same without a smattering of your favourite toppings. Next time you whip up a peanut butter cacao smoothie (if you haven't tried this combo yet, you're missing out), be sure to top with a chopped up cacao bar. You'll never look back! 

Salad Ingredient

Moringa Bar Salad Topping

Forget bland and boring salads! With bursts of fruity flavours and a variety of crunchy and chewy textures, this salad really is summer on a plate. Packed full of healthy fats, plant protein (from the mighty moringa) and essential vitamins and minerals, it makes the perfect balanced meal to enjoy for lunch or supper. 

For lots more inspiration on how to include our vibrant super-ingredients in your daily diet, check out our recipes page. 

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