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4 Infused Water Recipes to keep you refreshed & hydrated all day

We all know we need to drink more water, but glass after glass of plain water can get dull when you're drinking 2 litres daily. Unfortunately, flavoured water alternatives or bottled juices often have little or no health benefits and can be loaded with added sugars.

Infused waters are a great alternative and hands down our favourite way to hydrate, especially in hot weather. Just let fruit, vegetables and herbs sit in water for a few hours and you've got a delicious, healthy drink that's packed with nutrients! 

Check out our favourite flavour combinations below - all super-charged with our Baobab, Moringa or Super-Cacao superfood powders.

Baobab, Berry & Pomegranate

Baobab, Berry & Pomegranate Infused Water

This berry and baobab water has a subtle hint of sweetness and a delicious fruity flavour that makes it a real crowd-pleaser. Keep a jug in the fridge for whenever those sugar cravings strike and re-energise the natural way - with a big hit of vitamin C ! 

Moringa, Mint, Lemon & Lime

Moringa, Mint, Lemon & Lime Infused Water

Sipping on this healthy lemonade throughout the day makes us feel like we've got super-powers! Lemon, lime and moringa are all great detoxifiers and along with mint, promote healthy digestion to help you beat the bloat this summer. 

Super-Cacao Coconut Water

Super-Cacao Coconut Water

Coconut water and cacao are a match made in heaven - if you haven't tried combining them yet, trust us you'll love it! Perfect for any time of day, this is also our go-to post work-out drink as it is rich in protein and packed with hydrating electrolytes and flavanols, supporting healthy blood flow. 

Baobab Summer Fruits Spritzer

Baobab Summer Fruits Spritzer

Your kids will love this zesty infused water and making it with sparkling water adds a more sophisticated twist. Make it in big jugs or Ball jars and serve to guests over ice at your next summer BBQ or picnic. 

For lots more inspiration on how to include our vibrant super-ingredients in your daily diet, check out our recipes page.