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Baobab wins Great Taste Gold: officially the tastiest superfood on the block

We are excited to announce that our Baobab Superfruit Powder and Baobab Raw Energy Bars are both winners in this year's Great Taste Awards!

At Aduna, it goes without saying that we're big fans of baobab's sweet and citrussy sherbert-like flavour – and it seems the expert Great Taste judges agree.

With six times the vitamin C of an orange and more fibre than a bowl of bran flakes, we would probably eat baobab every day even if it didn't taste the fact that it is totally delicious too makes it even more of a "super" food in our eyes. 

At this year's awards, over 400 Great Taste experts judged over 10,000 products in a blind taste test with only the very best tasting products being awarded a gold star.

This is the first time a superfood powder has ever been awarded a Great Taste Award. The endorsement is another accolade for our Baobab Raw Energy Bars, which also won "Best Healthy Snack"  in the 2015 Beauty Shortlist Awards earlier this year.

If you haven't tried The Great Taste of Baobab yet, why not make today the day.