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          Jekkah: African-Inspired Streetwear

          Is your wardrobe in need of an injection of vibrancy? We love the lively, bright and bold prints from Africa-inspired streetwear brand JEKKAH.

          Created in The Gambia in 2013, JEKKAH has since landed in the markets of London and is making a name for itself as one of the freshest African clothing companies around. The name JEKKAH is a word taken from the Wolof language and means i) to be beautiful or elegant and ii) to be well-dressed, which is certainly in keeping with their beautiful clothes.

          Like Aduna, they are committed to creating jobs and sustainable incomes for producers in Africa, whilst promoting African culture. JEKKAH's products are all sourced, designed and manufactured in The Gambia, using highly skilled local Gambian tailors. When you buy any item by JEKKAH you are actively supporting and making a difference to Gambian people. They also work closely with Erase Foundation whose main objective is to provide resources and assistance to communities in West Africa, particularly The Gambia. Out of every £25 you spend, £1 is given to this brilliant charity who have built schools and orphanages for children in remote locations in The Gambia.

          Shop the range with an exclusive offer

          You can browse their whole collection online at, and take advantage of an exclusive 15% discount; simply enter code JEKKAHADUNA at the checkout. For Aduna Feel Good Tribers based in London, you can pop into their flagship store in Camden and really get a feel for their African streetwear. 

          Fallen in love with JEKKAH's African prints? They are inviting all Aduna followers globally to register for their 'JEKKAH ambassador scheme', a way to represent their brand and get paid for promoting them. For more details, please email


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