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Karma Cola: Leave a Better Taste in Your Mouth

Everyone's had cola but not many of us know that it originally came from Africa! 

Karma Cola is taking the world-famous soft drink back to its roots with its organic, Fairtrade, ethical cola made with real cola nut grown by the Mende and Temne people in Boma, Sierra Leone.

It isn't just Karma's delicious fizzy drinks we love - we also love their mission which, similar to our own, is to honour the source of the magic: Africa. 

Karma Cola has been up and running for just over a year and already Boma, the village where it all began, has benefited significantly from sales of Karma Cola and support from the Karma Cola Foundation. The foundation is working with communities in the Tiwai region of Sierra Leone to fund important projects, so far including the building of a bridge, sending young people to school, installing a primary school teacher and rehabilitating 25 acres of rainforest farms. 

As well as being good for the growers and good for the land, the Karma Cola family are as good for us as fizzy drinks can be! They contain no artificial colourings or preservatives whatsoever and are sweetened with Fairtrade organic cane sugar that isn't chemically processed. Organic malt extract is used (for flavour and colour) instead of nasty burnt sugar like the chemical laden versions you may be familiar with.

We can't wait to try their Fairtrade and organic ginger ale and lemonade too. You can find Karma Cola in Waitrose as well as numerous coffee shops, bars and eateries.

For more information, head over to their website