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The Artful Foodie: Emma Barbour

Emma is the creative talent (and working Mum!) behind the stunning Instagram page and blog The Artful Foodie. Inspired to change her diet as a way of helping to heal her Fibromyalgia, Emma clearly recognises the power of whole foods on our minds and bodies and that they can be truly beautiful and delicious too!

We caught up with Emma to find out more about her: 

Describe yourself in a sentence...I'm creative, fun and warm hearted, a people pleaser and an eternal optimist, who always looks on the bright side of life.

My love for food began...the moment I could eat solid food! I have always had a deep love of food and have always been willing to try new things, even as a young child. I started cooking for the family at the age of 13 and taught myself to cook a wide array of mostly ethnic food! Nowadays, I love to experiment with wholesome, healthy whole foods.

My idea of food heaven is...Vietnamese food is definitely my idea of food heaven, I love Pho and all the amazing noodle salads. The flavours of Vietnamese food are just so intense - fragrant, sweet, sour and spicy all at once - delicious! 

My Feel Good tips...having superfood powders in my smoothies and using them in sweet treats makes me feel so great and energised - which I need as a working mum with a 4 year-old! For the mid afternoon slump I have a green smoothie with kale, wheatgrass and baobab - it gives me a second wind to face the rest of the day! Also, don't forget to smile, be happy and be friendly - it makes your day so much brighter.

I’m inspired by...the way that an all-natural diet, free from processed foods, makes me feel. I changed my diet earlier in the year in an attempt to improve the symptoms I have as a Fibromyalgia sufferer, and after the first week I felt amazing. It certainly inspired me to continue the lifestyle and expand my understanding of nutrition. I'm also hugely inspired by the amazing health movement on Instagram. I never fail to find inspiration for any meal by looking at the amazing accounts I follow, and I have made some truly amazing friends in the process.

Baobab or moringa? Hmmm, tough one! I'd say Baobab at the moment. I use them both in equal amounts and they both provide me with so many positive benefits, but I do love the citrus zing baobab adds!

You can follow Emma's journey and see more of her tasty recipes on her blog.  

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