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Birch Bowl: Georgie May Birch

As an art and design graduate and healthy eating enthusiast, Georgie manages to combine both her passions with her beautiful blog and Instagram page. We love her creative, healthy & baobalicious recipes! 

We caught up with Georgie to find out more about her:

Describe yourself in a sentence...A friendly, inquisitive wanderer who is constantly in search of spontaneous adventures and new experiences.

My love for food began...Whilst traveling South-East Asia. All the fresh and spicy flavours were a taste-bud sensation. Eating such delicious and exciting food everyday inspired me to get creative in the kitchen and continue to try out new and exciting flavour combinations. 

My idea of food heaven is...A relaxed al fresco brunch with my nearest and dearest. Breakfast is by far my favourite meal: a combination of cinnamon banana pancakes, açai smoothie bowls, fresh fruit and matcha tea would be the dream!

My Feel Good tips...Eat what makes you feel great, do more of the exercises you enjoy instead of focusing on the ones you hate. Be self-confident and brave in anything you do with a 'what's the worst that can happen?' attitude. Any experience is one you can learn from.

I’m inspired by...Enthusiastic and passionate individuals who put their all into what they believe in and opt for 'the road less travelled'. 

Baobab or moringa? Baobab. It's so versatile and brings a deliciously fruity taste to everything! I love knowing that with a scoop of baobab I am getting a whole lot of nutritional benefits as well as added flavour in my recipes.

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