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Mighty Bee: The Real Raw Coconut Experience

We're coconut crazy  at Aduna Towers (if you haven't tried baobab or moringa shaken into coconut water yet, you're missing out!) and we are always excited to try new coconutty products! New to the health scene is London-based Mighty Bee who caught our attention with their high quality products and eco-friendly practices. 

MightyBee's products are made using Nam Hom coconuts from Ratchaburi in Thailand. Lovingly grown by local farmers, the fruits have an intense, totally unique sweetness. To retain maximum freshness and nutrients, MightyBee processes its coconuts from tree to bottle in just 24 hours. Available in raw and virgin varieties, both are deliciously sweet and fresh.

The company is also the first in the UK market to launch frozen fresh virgin coconut meat. Young coconut meat is the soft, rich flesh of green coconuts before they fully mature, and is a good source of protein, potassium and fibre. Blended, shredded, grated or straight out of the bag, it has a creamy texture and subtle flavour that's the perfect alternative to dairy in baking and raw desserts. 

Fore more information and to try their products for yourself, visit