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          Feel Good With Ergolates: How Our Posture Can Impact Our Health


          Do you suffer from back, wrist or neck pain? So does most of the population. The reason? Simply that the human body was not designed to sit down all day. Our increasingly busy, long and technology-dependent working lives mean we are spending more time than ever in a sedentary position, which can have serious repercussions ranging from back pain to high cholesterol and  blood pressure. 

          Ergolates is a new exercise method that aims to help people avoid postural problems at work. We speak to its founder Ergolates Rebecca Grierson, who suffered from 5 years of back pain before being cured by a combination of pain management and pilates. She tells us more about why we should be improving our posture and how we can start making improvements today:

          What is Ergolates?

          Ergolates is an exercise method and educational programme devised by some of the UK’s leading health and ergonomic experts. The technique is made up of modified pilates movements, physiotherapy stretches, nerve mobilisations, core strength work and breathing techniques.

          Why is it important to focus on your posture?

          Having consistently bad posture can lead to more serious health issues over time. Taking care of your bone and muscle health is essential to prevent future problems such as osteoporosis, slipped discs and back pain (which is why getting your fix of calcium and protein from naturally rich sources like Aduna Moringa is so important). If you work at a desk for prolonged hours everyday and slouch, there is an increased risk of developing Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and back pain.

          Leading a sedentary lifestyle has also been proven to increase the risk of heart disease, high cholesterol and blood pressure as your circulation slows down whilst you are sitting.

          There are multiple benefits to having good posture. When you sit correctly and open out your chest rather than slouch, you allow more oxygen into your lungs so your breathing is more efficient. This means more oxygen reaches your brain, so you can think much clearer and focus more. Aesthetically, with a good posture you can make yourself appear taller, slimmer and more confident.

          Who can benefit from Ergolates?

          How are you sat whilst you are reading this? Are you sat up straight, core muscles engaged with your neck in alignment with your spine…? Or are you slumped, tilting your neck down scrolling through a smartphone? We all do this at some point, most days in fact because of our heavy reliance on technology. Ergolates is for anyone who wants to become more aware of their work habits and learn how to engage with technology to minimise bad posture and avoid tight overworked muscles. 

          Founder of Ergolates, Rebecca Grierson 

          Do you have any top tips or small steps people can take in everyday life to improve their posture?

          Try to integrate more movement into your daily routine, take a quick break from sitting every 30-45 minutes to improve your circulation and wake up your muscles. Try to walk further every day, whether it’s taking the stairs, walking up the escalator or going over to someone’s desk to deliver a message rather than email. Avoid eating lunch at your desk, so you have a proper mental and physical break from your screen. 

          Special Offer

          Our Ergolates classes and workshops are programmed to fit around people's busy work schedules. We run courses in offices, teaching people specific stretches to practice whilst at work and how to become more aware of their postures whilst working at a computer. We also offer an Ergonomic Consultancy to businesses, providing desk assessments (DSE) to make sure employee work stations are set up correctly and that you are sitting in the optimal position for your spine -  every employee is actually entitled to one of these each year.

          If you are interested in booking an Ergolates workshop, course or group Ergonomic Assessments for your office - Aduna Feel Good Tribers can receive a 15% discount. Or for a private Ergonomic Class you can receive 10% off. Simply quote ‘ADUNA’ when booking*. 

          For more information and for details on how to book visit the Ergolates website or email directly. 

          *Expires December 18/12/15.

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