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          Pure Vegan Food: Lena Ksanti

          When it comes to eating the rainbow Aduna Feel Good Triber Lena Ksanti from PureVeganFood knows exactly how it's done. A healthy lifestyle guru and plant-based nutrition expert, Lena's recipes are all awe-inspiringly beautiful and packed to the brim with nutrients. We see no reason to choose the unhealthy option when Lena makes feeling vibrant, energized and radiant this tasty!

          We caught up with Lena to find out more about her:

          Describe yourself in a sentence... I'm a healthy recipe developer, vegan lifestyle coach and mom of 2 from South California. I hope to inspire others to live a happier and healthier life. 

          My love for food began... When my grandma prepared different amazing desserts every time I visited her. Nobody could beat her fruit pies and jams.

          My idea of food heaven is... A world full of affordable organic colourful fruit and vegetables full of vitamins and minerals. We buy tons of fruits weekly on the LA Wholesale Produce market. I wish every family could buy fruits, berries and veggies there.

          My Feel Good tips... Eat healthy, sleep enough, exercise at least 5 days a week and drink plenty of water with lemon. 

          I’m inspired by... All the beauty in the world. And all I do, I do for my kids. Teya is 4 and Leo is 2 years old. They inspired me to change our lifestyle and we all became vegan in 2013.

          Baobab or moringa? I’m a huge fan of both, but definitely use baobab more often. I actually eat it as it is with a spoon sometimes. I use it in any sweet creations I make, from smoothies to cheese cakes. I really like its taste.

          For more plant-based recipe inspiration and to get your hands on the new PureVeganFood Raw Dessert eBook full of yummy sweet treats head to Lena's Website and Instagram!

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