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          Our Favourite Detox Recipes

          The new year is the perfect opportunity to give our diets an overhaul and eating light and vibrant is an easy way to re-energise and detox from those festive indulgences. We prefer a less dramatic approach to detox, including lots of vegetables, fruit, lean protein and easy-to-digest foods, as advised by Nutritionist Rose Glover.

          Here are some of our favourite detox recipes to get your 2016 off to a healthy start:

          Clean Green Smoothie:

          Clean Green Smoothie

          Clean Green Smoothie
          : This nutritionist-approved smoothie is low in sugar and high in nutrients! Avocado, coconut oil and hemp seeds provide plenty of creaminess and all-important healthy fats.

           Moringa Chia Pudding:

          Moringa Chia Pudding

          Moringa Chia Pudding:
           Like our Moringa Superleaf Powder, chia seeds are an amazing weapon for detox. Packed with fibre and antioxidants to help our bodies effectively eliminate toxins and an excellent source of high-quality protein and Omega 3s. 

          Hot Baobab & Lemon Drink:

          Hot Baobab & Lemon Drink

          Hot Baobab & Lemon Drink
          : This warming drink makes the perfect alternative to your morning coffee. The combination of baobab, lemon & ginger is delicious and highly cleansing. 

          Baobab & Berry Detox Smoothie:

          Baobab & Berry Detox Smoothie
          : This fruity smoothie will stop any sugar cravings in their tracks! Blueberries and baobab are both brimming with antioxidants to support natural detoxification and give us an all-round boost. Who says healthy can't be delicious! 

          Lentil & Moringa Soup:

          Lentil & Moringa Soup

          Lentil & Moringa Soup
          : Our go-to when we're in need of a hot, quick and nourishing meal. This soup is protein-packed and super-charged with our mighty Moringa for an extra hit of goodness. 

          Tahini Dressing with Moringa:

          Tahini Moringa Dressing

          Tahini Dressing with Moringa
          : We all know that leafy greens are an important part of our diets but they're not the most exciting to eat on their own. This creamy dressing makes them irresistible - and the healthy fats even help our bodies absorb the nutrients.

          Moringa & Avocado Noodles:

          Moringa & Avocado Noodles

          Moringa & Avocado Noodles
          : "Courgetti" or courgette noodles make a great replacement for grain-based pasta while on a cleanse - or at any time!  This lusciously light Moringa & avocado noodle dish comes together in just minutes and is a firm Aduna favourite. 

          For more inspiration on how to include our vibrant super-ingredients into your daily diet, check out our recipes page. 

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