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New: Introducing Aduna Super-Cacao! The #Happyheartbean

NEW: Aduna Super-Cacao Range

Good thing happening in the world alert: healthy treats just got a lot more vibrant!

Two years in the making, we are DELIGHTED to bring you our brand new African super-ingredient: Aduna Super-Cacao.

Super-Cacao is the first cacao powder with an EU-approved health claim.

It is rich in flavanols, helping maintain the elasticity of blood vessels and contributing to normal blood flow. Cacao flavanols contribute to:
      - Cardiovascular health
      - Elasticity of arteries 
      - Blood circulation (excellent if you suffer from cold hands and feet!)

Our heart health impacts every part of our body. Without a healthy blood flow, none of our vital organs or bodily processes can function at their best. With this in mind, its no surprise that cardiovascular disease is the number 1 a cause of death worldwide.

As well as its heart health benefits, Super-Cacao is a rich source of protein and fibre and a source of magnesium and potassium. 

It is also jam-packed with antioxidants giving you healthy, glowing skin.

Delicious, nutritious - and supporting small producers in rural Africa, be one of the first to try the #HappyHeartBean!

Learn more about Aduna Super-Cacao.