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          HIIT: What it is & why it works

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          HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) has been a buzz word on the fitness scene for quite some time - but what exactly is it and why does everyone rave about it? A science-backed fitness programme that's proven to transform your body and rev up your metabolism, HIIT is all about short, intense cardio workouts that you do just a few times a week. Promising serious results with less hours spent training, it sounds almost too good to be true... We spoke to the experts at HIIT Gyms to find out more.

          What exactly is HIIT training? 

          HIIT is a form of cardiovascular interval training where you aim to reach 85-97% of your maximum heart rate for short periods of time (we call these high intensity sets) interspersed with even shorter rest times. By training at near maximum effort for short bursts, then recovering before the next burst of intense activity, your body burns fat fast. Typically, HIIT sessions last no more than 20 minutes long.  

          Do you need to have a certain amount of fitness prior to HIIT training?

          It's good to have a basic fitness level prior to taking up HIIT but you most certainly don't need to be a pro. There's a huge number of people that could benefit from this form of training. Just make sure you're ready for some hard work!

          How beneficial is HIIT training if trying to stay fit? 

          MASSIVELY! More and more studies are concluding that this form of training is the one that gives the fastest results in the shortest period of time.

          How often would you recommend doing HIIT training in a week?

          We believe in balance, so 3-4 times a week is more than enough if you mix it up with other forms of training. We do, however, have clients coming in to our gyms every single day. Once you get hooked, it's hard to stop!

          What immediate benefits can you expect to feel? 

          A massive energy burst about 30 minutes after you finish the session – the magic of the endorphins! We love the sense of accomplishment right after an intense session. You most certainly should feel like you've given your all and do not want to workout any longer! The real magic of HIIT is the impact it has on our metabolism long after you finish working out. In other words, you burn many more calories for up to 12 hours after you are done in the gym! What else? Greater fat burn, improved insulin sensitivity and faster results – its worth every single drop of sweat! 

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