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          Our top healthy recipes

          To share our love for nutritious foods, we've complied a list of some of our favourite healthy recipes that can be shared with a loved one or a friend.

          Each recipe is given a nutritional boost from our African superfoods Baobab, Super-Cacao & Moringa making them ultra delicious and jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, macronutrients & antioxidants. 

          Minty Moringa & Pea Soup 

          Minty Moringa & Pea Soup

          This vibrant green Minty Moringa & Pea Soup is packed full of fresh green ingredients and super-charged with our mighty Moringa for an extra hit of goodness. A light and refreshing starter.

          Moringa & Baobab Prawn Cocktail 

          Moringa & Baobab Prawn Cocktail

          This Moringa & Baobab Prawn Cocktail puts a modern twist on a traditional dish. Boosted with our vibrant super-ingredients for extra flavour, colour & nutrients it's tasty and good for you. An elegant and healthy start to the meal. 

          Red Lentil, Spinach & Baobab Curry 

          Red Lentil, Spinach & Baobab Curry

          Spice up the evening with this Red Lentil, Spinach & Baobab Curry, full of warming spices and nourishing vegetables. Two tablespoons of baobab add a delicious zingy tang and  a generous dose of prebiotic fibre and vitamin C.

          Moringa, Spinach & Asparagus Risotto 

          Moringa, Spinach & Asparagus Risotto

          This grain-free Moringa, Spinach & Asparagus Risotto is a light and healthy alternative to traditional risotto. Bursting with seeds and vegetables, it's high in protein, leaving you feeling fuller for longer. It also takes half the time of usual risotto so you won't spend the whole evening by the stove. 

          Chocolate, Pistachio & Lime ‘Cheesecake’:

          Aduna Baobab & Moringa Cheesecake

          Pul out all the stops with this decadent Chocolate, Pistachio & Lime 'Cheesecake'. Dairy-free, refined sugar-free and grain-free this healthy showstopper will  end the night on a natural high. 

          Healthy Mocha-Hazelnut Mousse:

          Aduna Healthy Mocha-Hazelnut Mousse

          This Healthy Mocha-Hazelnut Mousse is the perfect non-dairy dessert. The taste is rich and chocolatey but the texture is light and creamy. Boosted with our Super-Cacao powder, it's a firm favourite here at Aduna Towers. 

          More Recipes 

          If you need more inspiration on how to create the perfect meal, check out our recipes page full of delicious superfood filled creations.

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