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          SourcedBox: delicious, healthy snacks delivered to your door

          Aduna Loves Sourced Box

          Introducing SourcedBox - the exciting new way to discover healthy, natural snacks!

          SourcedBox was founded by Niomi Smart and Marcus Butler, two of the world's most influential YouTubers. Having transformed their own diets, they decided to share their health and wellbeing knowledge with their millions of viewers across the world and received an overwhelmingly positive response.

          One thing Niomi, Marcus and their viewers agreed on was that it can be hard to find natural, great-tasting snacks that are actually good for you.  Often healthy snacks aren't widely available or are being marketed as 'healthy' but on closer inspection, contain hidden refined sugars or artificial ingredients. They created SourcedBox to answer this challenge.

          Sign up to the service and receive a box packed full of nutritious snacks delivered to your doorstep every month (or order a one-off box). From raw chocolate and energy bars to savoury nibbles and nutritious drinks, all the snacks are totally free from refined sugars, artificial flavourings or preservatives, additives and chemicals.

          As big snackers and health enthusiasts here at Aduna Towers, SourcedBox is right up our street. You'll even find our very own #feelgoodbar in this month's box!

          Special offer: 25% Off 

          SourcedBox are generously offering Aduna Tribers 25% off their first monthly box (valid until April 15th). Just apply the code ADUNA25 at the checkout.

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