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Aduna Super Teas: 100% Biodegradable & Two New Names

It’s September and in line with the changing seasons here in the UK, we are refreshing our award-winning range of Super-Teas with new biodegradable packaging and new names for two of our teas!

New planet-friendly packaging

We are excited to confirm that all of our tea pyramids are now 100% biodegradable. That's right... 100%, meaning you can pop them straight into the bin with a clear conscience.

In the past we were unable to source tea pyramids that met the EU organic certification standards and were also 100% biodegradable. To be organic certified we had to compromise on our environmental values which always felt plain wrong… but as of today, thanks to new technology, our tea pyramids can be placed straight in your home waste bin.

Aduna Biodegradable Super Tea Packaging

  • Recyclable carton - this is made of card and is widely recycled by all UK councils.
  • Compostable clear bags - the clear bags in our cartons are made from a biodegradable, compostable and renewable plant-based bio-material. 100% natural, it breaks down in home garden composting conditions – so if you’re a home composter you can pop it in your garden compost and it will decompose within 6-8 weeks. Otherwise you can put it in your food or garden waste bin collected by your local council
  • Biodegradable tea pyramids - our new tea pyramids are made from Soilon, a natural and biodegradable plant-based material made out of renewable plant starches including non-GMO corn. The pyramid is sealed with ultrasound technology (rather than polypropylene) and both the string and the lamination on the paper tag are made from plant-based materials. Our pyramids can be put in the food or garden waste bin collected by your local council, but not in home compost heaps, which don’t get hot enough to break them down.

Out with the old, in with two new names!

As part of the refresh of our tea range, we’ve changed the names of two of our teas. From now on our Green Tea & Turmeric “Detox” tea will be called “Restore” and our Lemon, Ginger & Baobab “Vitality” tea will be called “Defence”.

They are exactly the same great tasting teas but with names that better describe their super-powers:

  • “Restore” - while our Green Tea & Turmeric tea is a natural detoxifier, the botanical ingredients in the blend support a far wider range of health benefits than just detoxification – from improving digestion, energy, immunity, skin health, joints and bones to reproductive, mental and heart health. We decided that the name “Restore” better captured the wider restorative health benefits of this Super-Tea so we made the switch!
  • “Defence” - our Baobab, Lemon & Ginger tea is a powerful immune booster with all three of its hero ingredients known to support a strong and healthy immune system. It also contains hibiscus which, alongside baobab, helps protect the cells from oxidative stress. We think “Defence” is a more accurate description of its super-power!