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Bali.zest: Olivia & Flora

Bali.Zest - Olivia & Flora

Lovers of all things healthy and fairly new to the blogging scene, Olivia and Flora are the faces behind the Instagram page bali.zest - a beautiful page full of vibrant and nourishing creations designed to motivate and inspire others. We caught up with the girls to find out a little bit more about them:

Describe yourselves in one sentence...Best friends with a passion for nutrition, living a healthy lifestyle and exploring the world. We both find cooking incredibly therapeutic, but since creating bali.zest, we've also really enjoyed the creative side that comes with blogging - particularly the food styling for our photography. 

Our love of food began...We have both always been big foodies but for Flora, it was when she lost a lot of weight as a teenager and realised the benefits of eating a healthy diet. For Olivia, it was at university where the healthy food options in catered halls were extremely limited and the overall culture was far from balanced! We both used to love searching for new recipes and getting together at least once a week to cook a delicious meal. 

Our idea of food heaven is…Breakfast all day every day! We are both pretty obsessed with nut butter and porridge (with all the toppings!) So anything from creamy coconut porridge with vanilla almond butter and raspberry compote, topped with cacao nibs and coconut flakes to acai smoothie bowls and indulgent cacao peanut butter smoothies. 

Our feel good tips…Look after yourself! When we are stressed and run down we often turn to comfort food for a temporary fix, but it usually ends up making us feel worse. The importance of sleep is so underestimated but it's essential for energy, reducing cravings and general well being. 

Get into a good routine - exercise regularly and try to drink warm water with lemon or apple cider vinegar when you wake up. It's so important to rehydrate after sleeping and both lemon and apple cider vinegar help the body eliminate toxins and are great for digestion. 

Lastly, be adventurous with your cooking and enjoy food! There is nothing worse than getting stuck eating the same meals every week. Have a browse online for recipes and get excited about trying new things and experimenting with different foods that you may have not cooked with before. 

We're inspired by…all the beautiful food blogs on Instagram - it's such an amazing platform for like-minded people to share their creations. We also gained a lot of inspiration from living and travelling in Indonesia (hence the name bali.zest!) The food was so fresh and full of flavoursome herbs and spices - sadly a lot of which is absent in British products and convenience foods. 

Baobab, Moringa or Super-Cacao? We love all three but our favourite is probably Super-Cacao as we add it to pretty much everything...porridge, hot chocolate, smoothies and sweet treats for that indulgent taste. It has so many amazing health benefits! 

Check out Olivia & Flora's Baobab Summer Fruits Spritzer and their Instagram page bali.zest to get your daily fix of their beautiful tasty recipes!