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Imperfectly Paleo: Angela Warren

Aduna Triber Imperfectly Paleo

Introducing Aduna Feel Good Triber Angela, more commonly known in the blogging world as Imperfectly Paleo. Passionate about real food, health and fitness, her beautiful smoothie bowls and other mouth-watering creations will inspire you to eat the rainbow.

We caught up with Angela to find out more about her, her feel good advice and her favourite super-ingredient. 

Describe yourself in a sentence...a mother, wife, daughter and sister; slightly self-conscious and very health-conscious!

My love for food began...with my parents, who adhered unerringly to real food at every meal in an age of processed fare.

My idea of food heaven is...smoothie bowls in a kaleidoscope of nature's rainbow.

My Feel Good advice...daily 4 'S's:
'Sweat' - or at least move meaningfully every day.
'Smile' - "act the way you want to feel" (wise words from Gretchen Rubin's Happiness Project)
'Smoothie' - a daily veg-based smoothie pepped up with a superfood powder
'Sleep' more - surprisingly the most difficult to stick to!

I am inspired by...fellow fitness lovers, food bloggers and Instagram friends far and wide.

Baobab, Moringa or Super-Cacao? Moringa for my daily dose of green; Baobab for a perky pick-me-up; Super-Cacao in uber decadent (healthy) treats every time.

Check out the recipe for Angela's Purple Power Smoothie Bowl or her blog and Instagram for more healthy food and lifestyle inspiration.