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Interview With GBBO Sensation Selasi Gbormittah & Exclusive CupCake Recipe

Selasi Interview

Without a doubt, one of the highlights of last year's hit UK TV series The Great British Bake Off was Londoner Selasi Gbormittah. Possibly the smoothest baker to ever grace our screens, Selasi maintained a cool, calm and collected temperament throughout the show, helping him get all the way to the semi-finals. Although he never won star baker, he certainly won the hearts of the nation (Twitter almost broke when he announced that he had a girlfriend). 

Cool as a cucumber, born in Ghana and handy in the kitchen, Selasi is a man after our own hearts. We caught up with the GBBO baking sensation:

Everyone knows you as king baker! What else do you get up to when you're not in the kitchen?

I'm not sure I’d call myself king baker but I’ll have that, HA :) . Being an extrovert is fun. I am quite active socially so I’m always on the move. I enjoy biking, travelling and spending time with good, happy people! I love having a laugh.

What inspired you to enter GBBO and what was your favourite thing about being on the show?

My friends, family and girlfriend were the big deciders and I’m glad I listened to them for once! It was an amazing experience. My favourite thing I’d say was the entire experience. I know it’s a bit cliché but I can’t pick just one thing...

Even when everything was getting heated in the kitchen, you never lost your smile. What are your top tips for staying calm in the kitchen?

Enjoy whatever you are baking and cooking. Control what you can and leave the rest to fate. I’m a huge optimist in life so I never let things get to me unless maybe someone eats my last slice of cake... ha ha; joking.

What's your idea of food heaven? 

A huge MEAT platter with spicy chilli sauce and a side of fried plantain. I am a massive protein junkie.

As you know, we source our Baobab fruit from small-scale producers in Upper East Ghana. Where in Ghana did you grow up and what do you miss most about living there? 

My parents are originally from the Volta region (Ewe) but I grew up in Tema, a city on the south east coast and the capital city Accra. I miss the food and culture the most.

What's your favourite Ghanaian dish?

I have loads so this is not a fair question! To name a few... Jollof rice, kelewele (fried plantain), grilled guinea fowl with suya, banku and okro soup, fufu and light soup and peanut soup are all great. I could keep going. It all depends on how much room I have to line the stomach!

Tell us what’s next for Selasi? 

An adventure filled with bigger and better things :) Keep an eye on the grin and my social media!!

Selasi Exclusive: Super-Cacao Ferrero Rocher Cupcakes Recipe

How amazing do these Fererro Rocher Cupcakes look?! Made using our protein and flavanol rich Super-Cacao Powder and with a hidden fererro rocher inside, they are the perfect treat to serve at any celebration. Check out the recipe here.

Selasi Cupcakes

Follow Selasi and keep updated on his next adventures (we're holding out for a rumoured bakery!) on his Twitter & Instagram