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It's Great Taste Official: Aduna Products are "Outstandingly Delicious"

We put a lot of love into ensuring that our products are as super-delicious as they are nutritious and so we were thrilled to learn that all three of the products we entered into this year's Great Taste Awards won gold stars!

Known as the ‘Oscars’ of the food world, the Great Taste Awards are the ultimate endorsement of deliciousness when it comes to food and drink. Thousands of products go through rigorous blind-tasting by a panel of 500 of the country's most demanding palates with only a small number receiving awards.

We are delighted to announce that our award-winners this year include:

Aduna Cinnamon-Spiced Cacao “Relax” Super-Tea

Awarded: 2 stars: “Outstanding; above and beyond delicious”

  • We say: "A luxurious dark chocolate aroma leads to a light cocoa flavoured tea enriched with warming spices. Super-chocolatey and packed with serotonin-boosting cacao its basically happiness in a cup!"
  • The judges say: “Clear golden brew. Strong cocoa aroma with a hint of spice. In the mouth this is a real chocolatey drink, with a hint of cinnamon – a drink that would be excellent for anyone on a dairy free diet and a refreshing and warming drink at any time. The other spices follow on in layers, just as under notes, with a warming slow satisfying finish. The chocolate stays in the background but is a constant attractive presence. Warm spices work really well here in an acutely observed accuracy. Balancing this list of ingredients is a tall order but the producer has done it with great skill. All spices can be appreciated equally and the cocoa has a rich warmth which brings it all together nicely.”

    Aduna Moringa, Mint & Nettle “Cleanse” Super-Tea

    Awarded 1-star: “Simply delicious; delivers fantastic flavour”

    • We say: "A super-cleansing brew packed with ayurvedic, detoxifying moringa leaves. Minty and refreshing, it will leave you feeling as good as new."
    • The judges say: “Very clear bright gold coloured tea. Woody notes on the nose from the dry mix with a little mint. Deep amber colour is inviting and the aroma is gently minty. The aromas really transfer onto the palate. Vibrant mint and fennel with a steady base from the moringa and a subtle sweetness from the liquorice. Well balanced tea with a lingering taste. Clear and definite mint flavour.”

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    Our Relax Cacao Super-Tea and Cleanse Moringa Super-Tea are available from Ocado, Amazon, our web shop and independent health stores all over the country.