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Little Bird Kefir: Feel Good On The Inside

Aduna Loves Little Bird Kefir

With the gut playing such an important role in our overall health, people are increasingly on the look out for holistic methods to improve their digestive tracts. Cue kefir, a powerful probiotic food that restores healthy bacteria in the body. 

Kefir is a probiotic powerhouse and whilst its benefits have long been advocated, it's only entered the spotlight relatively recently. By helping balance the good bacteria in your gut, it positively effects  the rest of your body including improved digestion, bloating, acid reflux and helping to promote regularity and clear skin.

Kefir is made by adding kefir ‘grains’ (a type of culture) to a liquid (traditionally milk) to encourage a fermentation process.The result is a creamy, tangy drink that has up to four times the amount of gut-friendly bacteria than yoghurt. What's more, the fermentation process also breaks down lactose in milk, making kefir suitable for people with lactose intolerance. 

We love the newly launched Little Bird Kefir, started by British husband-and-wife Onkar and Umisha. They offer quality kefir online, delivered straight to your door anywhere in the UK. So now we're all clued up on the health benefits of kefir, how much should we be having and when? Onkar and Umisha recommend drinking at least 150ml of kefir every day to keep your gut healthy and get the full benefits - one bottle of Little Bird Kefir should give you a three day supply. The easiest way to have kefir is as a drink, plain or sweetened with honey or agave before eating, but they also suggest getting experimental and adding it into smoothies, pancakes and waffles. For a tasty chocolatey treat, try adding two teaspoons of our Super-Cacao as well. 

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