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          Moral Fibre: Delicious, nutritious, gluten & dairy-free snacks

          Aduna Loves Moral Fibre

          Very occasionally, we like to take a break from snacking on our energy bars, and explore new healthy snacks to fill the 3pm hunger strike. That's where Moral Fibre comes in.

          Moral Fibre create a range of simple, delicious and, most importantly, healthy snacks that we've grown to love after first sampling their goodies at a trade show. Inspired by her healthy upbringing in Sydney, founder Jenny Molloy set about finding nutritious alternatives to the cakes and treats she loved but which were often packed full of refined sugars. After working with top dietitians and nutritionists, she saw the clear path to be dehydration and raw food.

          Years of experimenting later, they now have a range of sweet and savoury handmade bites and balls. With 7 flavours to choose from, it's easy to pick a favourite (or two). Ours are the Chilli-Crunch bites, packed with red pepper, chillies, cashews and sesame seeds with a spicy kick. They are perfect as a mid afternoon snack or to impress dinner guests served with a spoonful of our Moringa & Avocado Hummus: healthy canapés sorted!

          Moral Fibre packaging is just as morally sound as their snacks - they use only water based printing inks and sustainable materials in their packaging, so they’re compostable, biodegradable and reusable too! Once you’re done with your pots why not use them as a mini snack box, to grow seedlings or to store all your bits and bobs.

          Aduna Feel Good Tribers can enjoy an exclusive 10% off any Moral Fibre products, simply enter ADUNA+MORALFIBRE at the online checkout. Offer is valid until 31/10/2016.

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