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          Niomi Smart Interview & Eat Smart Book Competition

          Niomi Smart

          Lifestyle blogger Niomi Smart's wellness-focused YouTube channel has over 1.6 million subscribers making her one of the industry's leading influencers. Now, with the launch of her new book Eat Smart: what to eat in a day - every day, she hopes to inspire her followers to look, live and feel better. Based on her most popular Youtube series What I Eat in a Day, the book compiles Niomi's favourite recipes using plant-based, every day ingredients and is designed to encourage readers to live a healthy, wholesome lifestyle. The recipes are inspired by everything from her holidays in Bali to marathon training, encouraging you to experiment daily and see plant-based meals in a fresh, new light. 

          Speaking of her delicious recipes, we can exclusively share one of Niomi's favourite snacks from the book, Raw Fig & Baobab Bars. As a big Aduna fan, Niomi often uses our super-ingredients in her cooking to super-charge snacks or stir into energy-boosting smoothies, so we were thrilled to see our Baobab Superfruit Powder in this recipe.   

          We caught up with Niomi to find out more about her wellness routine, her top tips for a happy, healthy day and more about Eat Smart:

          Since starting your own blog, you’ve dipped your toes into vlogging, beauty, fashion & now healthy eating and fitness. What’s the favourite part of what you do?

          When I first started my blog a few years ago, I had just graduated with a Law degree at university. I realised while studying that I wanted to do something a bit more creative than working within the legal system - I had so many different passions such as fashion, beauty and travel that I needed an outlet to be able to express those. A blog and YouTube channel was the perfect way to do that! My favourite part of my job is that I am in full control of the content I create, and being a lifestyle blogger I can share anything from a recipe to my latest makeup routine.

          What can we expect from your new book Eat Smart and what inspired you to write it?

          Eat Smart is a healthy cookbook full of delicious recipes, all made with natural ingredients that do wonders for your health. The recipes are all plant-based that I have created myself with lots of flavour and substance! I really wanted to show how eating a healthy diet can be truly satisfying and easily achievable. The recipes are inspired by my travels as well as family favourites so you’ll find recipes such as Mauritian Masala with Coconut Coriander Rice, Mushroom Miso Hotpot, Macaroni ‘Cheese’ with Roasted Tomatoes and Apple and Apricot Crumble. I get so excited by all the amazing foods I have discovered since eating plant-based – I wanted to share how fun eating this way can be.

          What were some of your highlights while writing the book?

          There are almost 150 recipes in the book so I spent a huge amount of time in my kitchen, researching, cooking, baking, correcting the recipe and then cooking and baking it again! It was extremely hard work but unsurprisingly I had lots of people offering to taste test so it was great to see how much they enjoyed the food. There was a lot to share! And then seeing all of my recipes come together into a beautiful book is so rewarding.

          What’s the best cooking tip you’ve ever received?

          Use the hedgehog technique to cut food such as mangoes or avocados – it’s so simple but makes the process so much easier.

          How do you put wellness at the forefront of your day? What is your morning routine?

          I wake up early, have a glass of my Morning Detox Water* and take a moment to think about the day ahead, setting myself intentions. It helps to get me in a positive frame of mind and means I am prepared for the day. I then usually head out for a spot of exercise such as a run around one of London’s parks or a group HIIT workout at the gym – I find it’s the best way to start the day, as it gets me energised and motivated. After exercise I’ll usually make an energising smoothie such as my PB Protein Smoothie.*

          *Recipes both found in the new book.  

          Do you have 3 simple tips for a happy, healthier day?

          1. Start as you mean to go on – make the first thing you do in the day a positive thing and the rest of your day will feel great.
          2. Do something every day with friends, family or colleagues – interaction with people each day can have a hugely positive impact on your well-being.
          3. Drink plenty of water! Sounds simple but keeping hydrated throughout the whole day keeps me alert and feeling fresh.

          When you look back on your journey so far, what do you think have been the most influential factors behind your success?

          Although I’m not directly using my degree in my career, I believe it has really got me to where I am now. The experience of moving to a new city, making new friends and studying hard for 3 years really moulds you as a person. As far as the success of my YouTube channel and blog go, I think me being ‘a real person’ has been a huge factor. I don’t pretend to be something I’m not and I don’t preach about my views - I simply aim to inspire others.

          What are your favourite ways of using Baobab, Moringa and Super-Cacao?

          I usually stir a tablespoon of baobab into porridge in the mornings with a handful of blueberries. I love the citrus taste! Moringa powder is great to add to green smoothies to add a nutrition boost. I don’t know what I’d do without Super-Cacao, I use it all the time in a variety of ways - I love it to bake with, to add to chia puddings, dairy free chocolate milkshakes and so much more!

          Eat Smart: what to eat in a day – every day by Niomi Smart (HarperCollins) £20, is out now. For more information head over to the Niomi Smart website. 


          Eat Smart Book Cover

          We are giving three lucky Aduna Feel Good Tribers the chance to win a copy of Eat Smart: what to eat in a day – every day, worth £20.*

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