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Plenish: Award-Winning Drinks to Fuel & Nourish

Here at Aduna we are big believers in the power of natural ingredients to make you feel good and look good; that's why the drinks from London-based company Plenish are always top of our shopping list. Devised by nutrition experts, their award-winning range of organic, super-tasty drinks include cold-pressed juices, nut milks and probiotic water - and they're all made using top quality plant-based ingredients. 

Designed to 'plenish' and fuel your body for whatever comes your way, they are a great addition to any day - we can't get enough of their Coconut M*lk mixed with a couple of teaspoons of Super-Cacao. Try it!

We spoke to founder Kara Rosen to find out her inspiration behind starting Plenish, the benefits of their cold-pressed juices and her top tips for a happier, healthier day: 

How did the idea for Plenish come about?

After many years spent running on empty and becoming ill regularly I wanted to find a proactive solution. I felt failed by traditional medicine and antibiotics, so I sought out nutritional therapy to replenish my body and build back my immunity and energy.

Inspired by the power that plant-based nutrition had on restoring my health, I became inspired to take a more proactive approach to my nutrition and fill up on the good stuff to have the energy and drive to live a full and active life. I created a delicious portfolio of juices and plant-based M*LKs that have been designed with nutritional therapists for the modern, busy generation that wants to feel good.

Did you always know you wanted to start your own business?

Looking back, I was always quite entrepreneurial! I used to sell perfume in my lobby as a child and after university, a friend and I created an online platform for new mums to find playdates in their area. I then spent 10 years in the corporate world at Conde Nast before branching out to start Plenish

What inspires you?

Real life people that have beat the odds through perseverance. 

Plenish Founder Kara Rosen

Plenish founder Kara Rosen 

What benefits can people expect to feel from introducing juices into their diets?

We cold-press 1kg of organic vegetables into each bottle of juice. We get more in, so you can get more out - energy, focus and hopefully, a stronger immune system. 

How did you decide to bring out nut milks and what procedures do you go through to bring them to market?

Nut m*lks felt like a natural extension of our range. As a non dairy drinker, the nut milks on the market were a really low nut percentage (max 2%!) and full of oils, gums and other thickeners and I was really passionate about giving consumers a better choice if they were opting out of dairy. We did a lot of research and development work on our Almond M*lk and worked out that we could add 3x more nuts than the competition and add just water and a dash of salt (all organic, naturally!) to create a delicious product that challenged the status quo of dairy alternatives. The Almond M*lk had a fantastic response from consumers and we have since expanded into other flavours like cashew, hazelnut and coconut. We won 2 Great Taste awards for the range this year and secured new listings in Sainsbury's and Waitrose.

How do you keep wellness at the forefront of your day with such a busy schedule?

I try to move as much as possible. I walk to and from work, and try to prepare as much as possible by keeping healthy meals and snacks around. Having a fridge full of Plenish drinks in the office always helps!

Do you have 3 simple tips for a happy, healthier day?

  1. Commit to one thing per day that enhances your wellness. From exercise to including more fresh vegetables or turning off all 'screens' 2 hrs before bedtime, you can easily be healthier than you were yesterday. 
  2. Be prepared. Find an hour on the weekend to prep veggies, make a big batch of soup or another healthy food item that you can eat throughout the week. When you get home and are ravenous, it will be easy to heat up or plate up a healthy meal or snack on some cut up veg. 
  3. Get outside! We all spend so much time inside during the work week and mostly sitting. Find a work buddy, or a reason to run an errand that gets you out and about and moving! Just make sure you can see the big sky (blue or grey). It has a way of making work stresses feel small!

Try this delicious Mocha recipe using Plenish Coconut M*lk & Aduna Super-Cacao, or find out more and browse the whole range of drinks on the Plenish website


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