Aduna World
          Mala Bryan - Founder of Malaville

          Malaville: Ethnic Dolls Bringing Diversity to Children's Toys

          Maxhosa Africa

          Maxhosa Africa: Xhosa-inspired knitwear

          Film Africa - The Burial of Kojo

          Film Africa 2018

          Chuku's - Nigerian Tapas

          Chuku's Nigerian Tapas

          Aduna Co-Founder Andrew Hunt: My Story

          Mindleaps: transforming lives with the power of dance 

          AAKS Bags

          Africa Inspired Gift Guide

          Andrew, Nick & Aduna's Baobab Producers

          Aduna's Social Impact: Update on Our Baobab Supply Chain by Co-Founder Nick

          Ngadi Smart - Women & Prints

          Ngadi Smart: Identity, Feminism & Sexuality from an African lens

          Daughters Of The Soil

          Daughter Of The Soil: 100% Natural Skin Care Using Botanicals From Africa

          Tales Of Thread

          Tales Of Thread: Ethically Sourced Sleepwear from Ghana

          Lopè Ariyo

          Lopè Ariyo's Debut Cookbook Hibiscus: Fresh Flavours From Africa

          Kip Omolade

          Kip Omolade & his hyper-realistic Diovadiova Chrome series

          Quazi Design

          Quazi Design: Sustainable Jewellery With A Social Impact

          Zoe Adjonyoh

          Debut Cookbook from Zoe's Ghana Kitchen: It's Ghana Be Tasty!

          Africa Yoga Project

          Africa Yoga Project: global wellbeing in and from Africa


          Zaacoal: Clean Energy From Coconut Shells

          BMW Car By Esther Mahlangu

          South Africa: The Art Of A Nation

          Ousmane Mbaye Design

          Ousmane Mbaye Design

          Baba Tree Basket Company

          Baba Tree Basket Company

          George Mtemahanji Sun Sweet Solar

          SunSweet Solar: Low Cost, Clean Energy for Africa

          Africa On The Square: A Celebration of African Vibrancy

          Liha Beauty

          Liha Beauty: Wildcrafted Africa-Inspired Skincare


          Mescla: Bringing High-End Danish Design to Mozambique

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