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The Plant-Based Londoner: Megan Hallett

 Megan Hallett - The Plant Based Londoner

Megan Hallett is a nutrition coach, recipe developer and creator of the blog The Plant-based Londoner. Filled with beautiful photography, recommendations on the best places to eat in London, and of course, delicious homemade recipes, it's clear to see she is very passionate about food!

We caught up with Megan to find out when her love for food began, her Feel Good tips and her favourite Aduna super-ingredient:

Describe yourself in a sentence...
Enthusiastic, nutrition coach in training and plant-based foodie with a love of all things health and wellness!

My love for food began...
When I decided to go plant-based. I was suddenly introduced to a whole new world of recipes and amazing vegetables to base my meals around. I had always loved food and nutrition before then, but it was when I took the plunge that things really got serious!

My idea of food heaven is...
Bali. Eateries just understand healthy food and which ingredients work well together. It’s so easy to eat plant-based there and the produce itself is just so fresh and delicious. I’m headed back this later this year purely with the intention to eat my way around the island.

My Feel Good tips...
Eat WHOLE and REAL foods. Stop opting for overly processed protein bars and shakes to fuel your day and eat food the way it was supposed to be eaten –without added chemicals and sugars. Move your body as well, but do it for the right reasons - to feel good!

I’m inspired by...
Everything! People, cafes and brands all working towards making the world a healthier, happier place! My eyes are open everywhere I go, whether its reading through menus, discovering the latest superfoods or engaging with others who are thriving at what they are doing.

Baobab or Moringa or Super-Cacao?
Cacao hands down! I’m a chocoholic, so the fact that I can have the all the additional benefits whilst enjoying an oh so indulgent cacao and almond butter smoothie is win win!

Check out Megan's recipe for Chocolate Mousse Cups using Aduna Super-Cacao - the perfect mid-afternoon pick me up, or browse through her recipes on The Plant-based Londoner website & Instagram

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