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The White Chestnut: Belinda Dapena

The White Chestnut

Meet Aduna Feel Good Triber Beli, also known as The White Chestnut to the blogger world. Creator of delicious and nutritious recipes, she's on a mission to inspire others to eat heathily and have some fun in the kitchen. 

We caught up with Beli to find out more about her, her feel good advice and her favourite Aduna super-ingredient: 

Describe yourself in a sentence…I am really curious about trying and seeing new things, addicted to everything related to healthy foods (in a positive way!) and am also really creative.

My love for food began…When I was living in London and discovered Whole Foods! It was a way to start a healthy vegan lifestyle, taking care of the foods that I ate and knowing what I was putting in my body. Eating this way has allowed me to have more energy, to inspire others to eat healthily and enjoy the incredible foods that we have available to nourish our bodies (and have fun cooking them!)

My idea of food heaven is…I get excited by fresh produce, the texture, the color, the variety and the flavour - the way fresh food should be with all its beautiful imperfections. I love being able to see and buy different products and try new varieties of food available in the market. There is such beauty and community in food: growing, preparing, cooking, eating and sharing it together.

To me that is food heaven - a place full of organic fresh food with tons of new foods and superfoods to try!

My feel good advice…Really take care of what you put on your plate as what we eat is a way of loving ourselves and taking care of our health. I love the quote from Hippocrates, 'Let the food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.' It reflects perfectly how we need to treat food to take care of ourselves.

I am inspired by…Travelling, seeing and trying new things around the world. I love to see what other people from different countries eat and the richness of their cuisines. I think there is still so much to discover around food.

Baobab, Moringa or Super-Cacao? Baobab because it gives me lot of energy. I love to have a matcha latte in the morning with a teaspoon of baobab powder - it helps keep my immune system strong. In winter I usually have low defenses so I try to always have it in the morning and you can really see the difference! It also works wonders for my skin as it is full of vitamin C, so perfect to get the glow!

Check out the recipe for Beli's Vegan Avocado & Moringa Cheesecakes featuring Aduna Moringa Powder, or head over to her blog for more healthy food and lifestyle inspiration.